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April 25, 2006


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Well, this is my gratuitous, first post on my WordPress blog. I've imported the blogs from my old Blogger blog which didn't last long, fyi. I can't import my old old Blogger blog because I can't remember my Username/PW. Evidently, I cannot import my Myspace blogs which I had been using for awhile.

 Why have I come back to an actual blogging service for my blogging purposes? First, pure whimsy. I recall the ease of usability, access and control and the thought had been lingering in my mind for awhile. I decided not to return to Blogger because I had been there twice and both times just got tired of it…perhaps the UI of it…it had always bugged me. Besides, blogging back then for me was tired and tried chore. Then came Myspace. I didn't use it's blogging features for a good amount of time. Paranoia and insecurity about how I may be perceived or how something I'd say may bite me in the ass years from now in the future. But then I got comfortable with allowing lesser anonymity in the online community due to both Friendster and Myspace, while at the same time maintaining caution about information delivered. Getting comfortable over at Myspace, made me enjoy the blogging experience, once I began to use it. 

 At the moment, as mentioned above, I'm comfortable with blogging now while at the same time recognizing the limitations within Myspace's blogging feature. As I progressed through designing and customizing my Myspace layout, the more and more I have been eliminating Myspace features and replacing them with superior third-party solutions as well as adding non-existent features that I enjoy. Myspace doesn't make customizing their pages very easy. Despite that, I understand the rationale. I've tried to make the most of the situation, despite Myspace's limitations. So as feature by feature was being replaced, I arrived at this moment…replacing their blog. As the week goes by I will be working to integrate this blog, Salacious Propriety, into my Myspace profile , as well as customizing this place's look to feel more at home (although, so far I can't find one damn place to enter/import code).

Welcome if you're coming via Myspace and welcome to those who aren't!


December 10, 2004

Sin City Promo Trailer

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You guys HAVE GOT to check out this promo for the Sin City movie coming out. As most of you know I'm a comic book nut, but don't let your preconceptions of what comic books and their movie versions throw you off. Sin City books were written by Frank Miller, arguably the best comic book writer ever. Turns out he's codirecting this flick as well. SAWEET! You can either trust my judgment or check it out for yourselves and decide:

Sin City SPECIAL: Englischer Teaser (Promo)

December 9, 2004


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So you know the three or few beeps that happen when you turn the key in your ignition? It can be the same beep to tell you to fasten your seat belts, check your oil, you're going to run out of gas soon, your keys are still in the ignition. Anyways, lemme ask another question: Want to know the most annoying sound in the world? I can answer that. It's that beeping but oh nooo…not 3 or 4 of them. That fucker won't stop beeping. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. So fucking annoying. I've tried wigging the key, messing around with the fuses, drowning the noise out with the radio. Nope. Nothing works. On top of that I'm half paranoid I'm going to be at a traffic light and a cop or someone's gonna be there and think I've just stolen a car or some crap. I can't go through drive-thru either right now for the same reason. How ghetto. I haven't felt this way since I was driving around my four-door Delta 88 and only 2 of the doors worked in best case scenarios. Sometimes the driver-side door would jack up too. I'd have to lower windows and friends would have to hop in ala Dukes of Hazzard. Good times. I can't figure this out…all I know is that there's a short in the ignition. I've narrowed it down to that. This weekend I'll take it to Auto Zone or Parts and take care of it. I wish I could fix it on my own though. Grrr. It's completely embarassing pulling up to toll booths and parking stations, lowering the window and paying while the beeps go and have the attendants stare at me with puzzled looks…like they're not sure if they should laugh or call the authorities. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. PLEASE.Thanks.

December 8, 2004

Siemens sets wireless speed record with OFDM

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Computerworld | Siemens sets wireless speed record with OFDM

December 7, 2004

New Batman Begins Trailer Coming Out This Week

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View the story here.

December 6, 2004

The New Blog

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I'm back at Blogger since their creation. Started blogging with these guys, then didn't blog at all, then made my own, then didn't at all again. Then I made a FlashBlog for a client, and then another, but none for myself. Friendster and Myspace got me back into the Inet scene, in that way. Myspace offered a blog and I'd been using that up till now. I always planned on getting something more functional then theirs. I could have used my FlashBlog, but I don't have the time to tweak it at the moment the way I'd want to, so I'm back here with Blogger. It's set up with everything I would have used myself already, and I do have the time to tweak designs and layout as I do with Myspace. So Welcome!

P.S. The layout/design right now is just a template…funny how much it looks like my previous portfolio, no? Anyways, at this second, no one knows I've moved back to blogger yet, so i'll be working to personalize this in the meantime. If you happen to view this after I've customized, disregard this P.S. for it won't make any sense at all.

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