Salacious Propriety

April 25, 2006


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Well, this is my gratuitous, first post on my WordPress blog. I've imported the blogs from my old Blogger blog which didn't last long, fyi. I can't import my old old Blogger blog because I can't remember my Username/PW. Evidently, I cannot import my Myspace blogs which I had been using for awhile.

 Why have I come back to an actual blogging service for my blogging purposes? First, pure whimsy. I recall the ease of usability, access and control and the thought had been lingering in my mind for awhile. I decided not to return to Blogger because I had been there twice and both times just got tired of it…perhaps the UI of it…it had always bugged me. Besides, blogging back then for me was tired and tried chore. Then came Myspace. I didn't use it's blogging features for a good amount of time. Paranoia and insecurity about how I may be perceived or how something I'd say may bite me in the ass years from now in the future. But then I got comfortable with allowing lesser anonymity in the online community due to both Friendster and Myspace, while at the same time maintaining caution about information delivered. Getting comfortable over at Myspace, made me enjoy the blogging experience, once I began to use it. 

 At the moment, as mentioned above, I'm comfortable with blogging now while at the same time recognizing the limitations within Myspace's blogging feature. As I progressed through designing and customizing my Myspace layout, the more and more I have been eliminating Myspace features and replacing them with superior third-party solutions as well as adding non-existent features that I enjoy. Myspace doesn't make customizing their pages very easy. Despite that, I understand the rationale. I've tried to make the most of the situation, despite Myspace's limitations. So as feature by feature was being replaced, I arrived at this moment…replacing their blog. As the week goes by I will be working to integrate this blog, Salacious Propriety, into my Myspace profile , as well as customizing this place's look to feel more at home (although, so far I can't find one damn place to enter/import code).

Welcome if you're coming via Myspace and welcome to those who aren't!


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